Our mission

We know what it’s like to shop for clothing in department stores and outlets. You get stuck with whatever’s comfortable and available in your size, whether you like it or not. But at Amour&Luxe, we believe women deserve better from their boutiques. We want our pieces to be a medium for your self-expression, not just another hassle in your everyday routine. 

So we set out to make T-shirts that were not only fashionable, but unique, diverse, and versatile as well. We made it a point to ensure our T-shirts were 100% organic cotton, with a shape and cut that fits your body perfectly, just to ensure your comfort. While polyester blends may be cheaper and easier to source, we didn’t take any shortcuts. There’s nothing as comfortable and durable as true, soft, light, breathable cotton.

You can enjoy a hot summer day with our T-shirts alone, or layer up and go out on a winter night. But our versatility doesn’t end there. We know how busy your day can be, and sometimes you just want to throw something on and know it’ll look good. That’s why when we sat down to choose the graphics and illustrations featured on our T-shirts, we focused on beautiful designs that could suit any occasion. To finish it off, we used only high quality glass crystals to achieve that luxurious look we all love.

Throw a blazer on and our elegant designs will fit right into your office attire, but dress it up with some accessories and a pair of heels and you’re ready for a night at the club. This is the essence of our mission; clothing that works for you wherever, whenever!